Benefits of Having an Artificial Grass Surface

No more mowing, with an artificial surface you can enjoy more time relaxing with your family in your beautiful garden. For schools with no more regular mowing it will mean no transfer of grass into the school classroom. A simple maintenance programme of 1 – 4 visits per year will keep your new surface looking and performing as good as the day it was installed.

No more watering to keep that lush green lawn in summer months.

Perfect solution for making a statement for your business whether it be at the entrance of your offices or to provide a recreational area for employees.

No more cuts or bruises, with an artificial surface playtime will always be fun time with TigerTurf’s softer surfaces. We can advise you on the best surface for whatever the use whether it be for general play in your garden or for lots of activity in a school playground. Perfect for paddling pools, both the surface and membranes are permeable allowing water to drain away from the surface. An artificial surface will see an end to yellow stains seen on natural grass when emptying your paddling pool and no more wet footprints transferred into your home. All TigerTurf Surfaces are child friendly and are made from Polypropylene or polyethylene yarn both of which are non- toxic. All coatings, backings and glue that are used in the production process are also non toxic. Perfect for children of all ages, no more falling on hard surfaces, shock-pads can be fitted.  It’s the end of muddy football boots or trainers on your kitchen floor or in your school classroom, both gardens and playgrounds become useable areas all year.

Perfect for cats and dogs with its permeable backing and geotextile membrane. Pet mess can be removed easily with little effort.

Pet owners might worry about their pet not liking the feel, smell or look of artificial grass, infact, animals find artificial grass enjoyable to play on and utilise it just as they would real grass.

Our artificial lawns are quick and easy to install, which means that when you decide to switch to artificial grass neither you nor your pet will have to go without the use of your garden for very long.