TigerTurf’s hockey systems meet the performance standards of the Federation of International Hockey (FIH). The hockey products available offer fast and consistent performance on a safe comfortable surface. Whether it be school, club or national level it is acceptable that now most games are played on a synthetic surface as this provides optimum performance.

TigerTurf offers both a water based system and a sand dressed system. For an elite surface the WETT Pro system would meet your requirements as it is designed for high-level performances over long periods of time. For the professional hockey player this is the surface of choice because of its excellent play characteristics. WETT Pro meets FIH global standard. Sand dressed surfaces Meets FIH national standards and offers a dense turf partially filled with grains of sand. The sand supports and strengthens the base of the surface, which does not allow sand to be visible at the surface. A sand dressed system is a fantastic surface where you want a good level of play whilst keeping within a budget. In addition these surfaces can be used for other sports too creating greater flexibility for schools and clubs.


Advanced fibre technology, this monofilament surface allows the ball to travel smoothly whilst the hockeyplayer can move the stick in all directions without catching the surface. This product has a longer lifeexpectancy than any other product available and allows hockey to be played on both a wet or dry surface.


With an advanced monofilament turf this makes it an excellent surface for hockey with the addition of beingsuitable for other sports too i.e tennis, touch rugby, athletics and recreational football.