Caring For Your New Artificial Landscape


Your new surface requires very little maintenance but these few helpful tips from TigerTurf UK Ltd
will help keep your surface looking as good as the day it was installed. The secret is little and often!

Things to Avoid during Maintenance

Infill & Brushing

It takes 6 – 8 weeks for your new surface to reach its optimum condition. All TigerTurf surfaces require an evenly distributed infill, the bedding in period allows the infill material to penetrate and settle into the structure of the surface. Brush your surface regularly with a stiff brush, we would recommend at least once a month. Brush the surface in a number of directions as this will help remove any debris and leaves. Remember to brush against the pile direction as this will help prevent the pile from flattening. If some of the infill appears on the surface this is quite normal and just requires a light brushing to return it into the turf structure.

Leaves & Twigs

Use a stiff brush, plastic fan rake or leaf blower to remove leaves. It is important to remove leaves asorganic matter can build up in the structure of the surface, which can affect drainage and encourage weedgrowth.


Moss and weed treatment should take place at least once per year or as required depending on the amountof trees and other vegetation surrounding or overhanging the surface. AGL will advise on install what theywould recommend for your surface. When treating the surface use a water-based moss/weed killer agent with a maximum pH balance of 8 andremember to remove all dead matter. Alternatively AGL offer a maintenance service and will be happy to quote for your individual surface.


Pet stains should be removed straight away. Use a solution of lukewarm water mixed with a mild washingup liquid. Rinse areas with a garden hose to prevent odours created by pet waste.

Programmed Maintenance

Once AGL have installed your surface we want you to enjoy it year after year, therefore as well as the above helpful tips we provide a maintenance service which includes the following:

 For most private households a once year maintenance is sufficient. For commercial buildings, schools and sport specific pitches a tailored programme is agreed which will depend on usage and volume of traffic onthe surface. Our team will discuss with you and agree what the surface may require and of course with notied in contracts our visits can be altered to maintain your surface at its optimum performance.

Interested in AGL's Programmed Maintenance?

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