Rugby once a sport played on wet muddy pitches it is now acceptable at professional level for rugby to be played on a synthetic all year round surface. TigerTurf’s rugby surfaces are certified to World Rugby Regulation 22 and to Rugby League performance standards. All surfaces ensure player safety, optimum ball performance and excellent surface durability. Designed to look and respond like natural grass the soft non-abrasive fibres retain their integrity whatever the weather. At the base of each fibre is a layer of recycled rubber to absorb impact whilst maintain ball control. All surfaces include a shock absorbent pad to reduce the risk of head injury on impact.
The benefits of a synthetic rugby surface are that it provides an all weather surface that requires minimal maintenance in comparison to a natural grass surface.


Perfect for both rugby union and rugby league this is a high quality 3G surface using durable XWR yarn. The surface meets the standards of World Rugby, RFL and FIFA.


With a 40mm monofilament bespoke system, this 3G surface is suitable for both school and club level rugby where skill progression is of paramount. With the latest yarn technology this surface can also be used as a multi-sport surface therefore allowing greater flexibility all year. REQUEST FREE SAMPLE


A 60mm monofilament bespoke TigerTurf 3G surface that uses the latest yarn technology. This surface is perfect for clubs and schools playing at a high standard. REQUEST FREE SAMPLE


3G (Third Generation) is the latest artificial grass surface, and the most popular. 3G surfaces are made up of long pile synthetic grass with a mix of sand and a rubber crumb, or natural infill. This gives the unique texture of natural grass, but provides more even and smooth play than the varied terrain of a muddy pitch. The infill also has shock absorbent qualities too, and helps to keep the synthetic grass upright.

Credit: Tigerturf Artificial Grass & Turf for Rugby