Schools & Recreational Areas

TigerTurf’s multi sport surfaces are perfect for schools, community centres and sport clubs. If space is limited and you want to maximize the playing area you have then one of these surfaces is perfect for all types of play without compromising on performance. Available in multiple colours these all weather surfaces will promote and encourage even the most reluctant child or adult to play. Surfaces can include line markings which are taped and glued on install thus no more repainting of lines in the future.  Line markings have the advantage in that several sports can be played on one surface i.e. football, netball and even a running track!


  • All weather, all year surface
  • Non slip surface – no more cuts or bruises
  • Multiple sports on one surface
  • No compromise on performance
  • Longer pile surfaces available and perform like natural turf ideal choice for rugby, football and Gaelic football
  • Low maintenance
  • Encourage play and social activities in all areas for children, young people and adults
  • Maximum value for money

Recreational Surfaces


This is an exceptional surface for schools, leisure facilities or for encouraging social activities in a workplace environment. Evo Pro product is the most advanced monofilament yarn technology exclusive to TigerTurf. TigerTurf’s research and development teams have produced a surface that not only meets the same performance standard but lasts 20% longer than other surfaces. This is an excellent surface for hockey but can also be used for multiple sports including tennis, touch rugby and athletics and yet be still soft enough for recreational football.
Evo Pro is a dressed carpet half filled with a special silica sand, which makes it easier to maintain then a sand filled system. As a grain free surface the ball travels smoothly across the surface in multiple directions which makes it an exceptional performing product.
FIH tested it meets current standards and has received national FIH accreditation.


This surface is excellent for both educational and community establishments where the development in skills in sport is a priority. As a hockey and multisport surface, it offers optimum performance for an amateur sports person right up to club level play. Texturized high quality yarns offer elite performance characteristics perfect for players looking to develop their skills in multiple sports.


This surface is fantastic for players of all ages and ability. Multisport 20 is the perfect cross play surface because of its hardwearing yarns. An advantage of this surface is that high performance is sustained over long periods of time. Ideal for football, tennis, hockey or cricket.